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Hi There and thanks for the visit!


My work is born out of my personal love to sketch and paint.  Art has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. As a young girl many weekends were spent at my Grandparents farm in Virginia.  Where my grandmother always had a painting, or drawing in progress on her easel. Her encouragement eventually led me to a degree in Fine Art and Design.


Since then I've done everything from corporate graphics, to designing interior spaces, to painting room size murals. 

Now, I create custom artwork for both private individuals, corporations,  businesses, and people just like you who want a commissioned piece of Art that is truly unique.  Clients include: Stone Tower Winery,  Petrossian, Cast and Investors in "Come From Away"  Broadway production, New Orleans School of Cooking and many others.

Contact me and lets create! 


BA in Fine Art and Design.

Karen lives with her husband in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

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