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Here I'll help walk you through my process for commissions, plus you can see some testimonials of my work below.

Nothing beats the feeling of reading a note about how one of my clients enjoyed receiving their piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Wedding Gown Portrait


"When I received the watercolor that Karen did of my daughter in her wedding gown, I was overwhelmed! The incredible detail of the lace and buttons in her gown was remarkable. She managed to capture every detail to perfection! My daugher posted a picture of it on Instagram and her friends are going crazy over it. I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting a heirloom piece of art. She is nothing less than fabulous!"

~ Dianna

Custom Wedding Map


Beautiful wedding map keepsake. Karen has just the right balance to work with - she is both keen on getting every detail you would like, and super accommodating while at the same time she helps you narrow your choices and decisions so that you don't overcrowd the painting or try too hard with something that is not going to work on the map. You do it alongside her, but she as the artist ensures you get a terrific finished product. Once she begins your map the communication and progress is smooth and fast. She's on it! Helped in the end with framing ideas. Highly recommend.

                            ~  Eileen

Church Stained Glass Windows


"My parents were, of course, blown away. They loved all the attention to detail and the color scheme and how warm it felt. Thank so much for helping make this gift come to life, we (and they) couldn't be happier!"

~ Molly

Please note your signed custom sketch is for personal use only. Commercial rights retained by the artist.

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