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Engaged on the Slopes

Last fall I received a request from a new client, Debbie, for a custom painting. The reference photo I was to put into watercolor included a couple in the snow, she in ski gear and he in a suit, kneeling on skis. My initial reaction was "What? Did this really happen? Did he actually propose in a suit and tie on skis?" I was very excited about doing the watercolor with the white snow and sun glinting on their goggles, but I had to know more.

As told by Debbie...

Yes, the "bride to be" was skiing in Colorado with friends since the "groom to be" was supposedly "away" for the weekend. Mid-morning, as she got off the ski lift, there he was in a suit and on skies. He dropped to one knee with ring and flowers in hand and proposed right there. The answer was "Yes"! The newly engaged couple skied down the slope together where he had arranged a surprise engagement party. The party included her parents whom he had flown in to top off the surprise.

Wow! What a thoughtful and magical proposal! I was thrilled to hear the story, and then to capture the moment in paint for the now newlyweds.

Until next time....

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