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When House becomes a Home

Today I'm sharing two recent house portraits, or should I say "home" portraits. The touching notes I received from the clients were a sweet reminder that I'm not just painting houses, but rather portraits of "homes" full of family memories.

The first "Home Portrait" pictured below along with the client's heartfelt note written after receiving it.

"I received your painting. I don't have words for how wonderful the painting, and you are. I'm planning on writing a note to my daughter explaining this was a gift for her Daddy on our 6th anniversary, and this was her first house. I'm tearing up just thinking about how happy this gift make me. "


The second commission pictured below was for a realtor who has commissioned many home portraits. She is always so thoughtful in wanting to include details that are special to her clients.

This painting was for one of her client's who recently sold her home of many decades. I was asked to include not only the house, but also various wildlife the owner was so fond of. I don't think I've ever painted such tiny deer!

Her note after seeing the preliminary pencil sketch...

"I seriously got teary eyed when I saw the attachment, I know she will LOVE it!"


Sweet reminders that House becomes a Home when filled with Memories and Love.

Until next time...


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